Getting started with dhtmlxcombo from data source


I am just getting started with your software and finding it difficult to get the answers I require from your documentation.

Here is what I require initially (sounds easy!):

A dhtmlcombo form component with data from a mysql database that I can use on my site.

So far I have created a test.php file so:






$combo = new ComboConnector($res);




This generates an xml file on screen, I have tried to make a test2.php file to display the test.php results in a combo form following your website documentation, without success. I have been programming for many years and would not be asking for support uneccesarily. I just can’t get my head round how this works. Even though test.php generates an xml file, where is it? It has no name or path to reference. I have read through the documentation numerous times, and still cant work out how to display the combo (with the data) in a form, that I can use on my site. As a potential customer, please point me in the right direction.




test.php generates the xml stream. You can set the path to this script as the parameter of the loadXML method:


Hi, Thanks again.

Following … ng_options

and your reply the contents of test2.php are:

<?php combo.loadXML("test.php"); ?>

Results in:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function loadXML() in /var/www/test2.php on line 3

I must be missing something fundemental!

loadXML is method of dhtmlxCombo object (javascript method): … _init.html

In test3.php I now have:

<script  src=“connector/dhtmlxcommon.js”>
<script  src=“connector/dhtmlxcombo.js”>

Result: Blank page…

The example of the html page:

I now have a page!!!

Nostrovia!!   (what do you think of my russian spelling?)

>> what do you think of my russian spelling?

Not bad :slight_smile: