Getting started with DHTMLXGantt and Laravel

Using this blog post as a guide ( ), I have installed the current versions of Laravel (v5.4) and DHTMLXGantt (v4.1), and walked through the process exactly as described. All seemed well until the end of the process where you actually run the app. The gantt chart appears on screen but no records are displayed.

Using the developer tools in Chrome, I can see that the sample records were sent to the browser (as XML), but the Task “id” attribute is empty. As I investigated the problem, I noticed numerous posts from DHTMLX forums and other sites where people are discussing the same (or similar) problems with the Gantt control and other DHTMLX controls when working with recent versions of Laravel.

I’ve tried some of the suggested work arounds with partial results. The best I’ve been able to achieve is displaying tasks by altering some GanttController code, e.g.,

$ganttTask = new GanttTask(); $connector->render_table($ganttTask->where('id', '>', 0), "id", "start_date,duration,text,progress,parent");

But no matter what else I try, I still can’t get the links to display.

I could really use some help getting over this initial hurdle.

I hope DHTMLX insiders monitor these forums. Because it appears that one or more breaking changes have occurred as the software versions have evolved. I’m just discovering the DHTMLX components and they appear to have wonderful functionality. And I’m also rookie with Laravel, so I don’t have the depth of knowledge yet to know what else might solve the problem from the Laravel side. It’d be great if they could update their blog posts about how to use the various components with Laravel… because others are hitting this same roadblock when trying to get started with DHTMLX. And given the popularity of the Laravel framework, this would probably be a win-win for everyone.

Thanks for any help…


It seems like an issue in DHTMLX connector.
You could try following one. It seems like this one should work fine.

Thanks Sten!

That connector worked. The tasks and links load and display properly. Now I can begin to experiment with the component. Do you have any idea if this connector code will be pulled back into the base product? I’m just thinking about possible future pain points if I do a composer update or something.