Getting Started

I think dhtmlxTree will do what I want, and I’ve downloaded the free version and installed it on my web server, but I can’t get it to do anything useful.

What I’m trying to do is, firstly just to create an editable tree on a web page that’s linked to a database, and be able to add nodes, enter text for each node etc. to start building the tree. Once I’ve achieved this I’d like to be able to programmatically enter a quantity of data into the database to create a largish tree which can then be subsequently explored and maintained via the web page - but that’s for the future.

Just now I’d like to get to the first stage, which is to generate an editable tree linked to a database. My server runs php and MySQL. I think I’ve created the database and the samples_tree correctly.

Is there some sample code that will do close to what I want, or a getting started guide? I don’t know where to put my first page, what files to include in it etc.

Thanks - Rowan

Tree is a client side component. It requires xml stream with data from server.
There are some necessary js and css files which should be always included (the others - if it is necessary):

- dhtmlxtree.css
- dhtmlxcommon.js
- dhtmlxtree.js

Please, see the articles documentation doc/quide.html and the sample dhtmlxTree/samples/initialization_general_settings/tree_init_xml.html

>> Just now I’d like to get to the first stage, which is to generate an editable tree linked to a database

Editing directly in the tree is available only in the professional version. In case of standard one you can place html input on page where a new value will be entered, you can place it into the tree by setItemText method (see the full list of tree API in the documentation doc/alpha.html).

In order to save data in the database you  can use  own methods as grid is a client side component. For example you can pass a new label or information about  new added node to the server when you set it tree.

The professional version provides DataProcessor (javascript extension) which allows to save data easily.