Getting the types file for Angular Schedler


I am able to get the scheduler (pro version working - but I cannot get the types file properly.

I tried

npm install @types/dhtmlxscheduler --save

This is what I have now -

  ngOnInit(): void {
    const scheduler = Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance();
    scheduler.init(this.schedulerContainer.nativeElement, new Date());
    // scheduler.parse(data, 'json');


However, I keep getting this error -
ERROR in src/app/home-page/tim-body/list-view/frame-card/frame-card.component.ts(34,23): error TS2552: Cannot find name 'Scheduler'. Did you mean 'scheduler'?
(Note: If I change it to scheduler, I get unknown operation init on undefined).

Import such as
import {} from "@types/dhtmlxscheduler";
as suggested in Angular blog (angular-dhtmlxscheduler-tutorial) in your tutorial pages doesn’t work at all.

Can you please help? Do you have the latest version of the angular tutorial? The one I’m seeing seems to be from 2017.


You have to declare scheduler variable first.

declare let scheduler: any;

Here’s another topic with similar issue: