Getting the xmlkids value

I am working on a drag and drop page between two tree grids. I want to implement the rule that only a leaf node (i.e. one without children, xmlkids value is not 1) can be dragged. Is there a function to call to get this information?


You can control drag-n-drop in treeGrid with drag-n-drop events. Please find more information here … g_and_drop

Thanks.  I was actually asking about whether there is a function which tells you whether a row is a leaf node or not, or what the value of the xmlkids for that row is?

To find out if node has children you can use:

You can get node’s sub items with:

You can get node’s level with:
var level=treeGrid.getLevel(node_id);

Also you can get node’s parent id:
var parId=treeGrid.getParentId(node_id);

Please find example here … _api2.html

When I attach an onBeforeDrag and call grid.hasChildren(id) it returns 0 if I have not expanded the node.  I want to be able to tell if it’s a parent whether or not I expanded it.  How can I do this??