Getting tooltip at top left of the Screen only in Firefox.

Getting tooltip at top left ( top:0px;left:0px; ) of the Screen only in Mozilla firefox ( Latest one v20.0.1). Upgraded to latest v3.7 dhtmlx scheduler.Stiill facing this issue.
No issue with other Browsers. it is proper even in IE. Loking for a quick reply.


I can’t reproduce the problem with our samples. Can you provide some kind of demo?

Try in latest firefox(v20). i just installed the older v18.1 of firefox and tested. it works in older versions of firefox. The issue is only in the Latest version of it that is 20.01.
Do check in latest one.

It’s been a long time since i raised this ticket. No reply i did get on this.
Have to move on.Can any one of give a reply on this as soon as possible?

i’ve checked tooltip in our example(scheduler/samples/03_extensions/20_tooltip.html) using FF v20.0.1
tooltip seems working correctly. Problem may be related to something in page markup outside the scheduler. Or the issue may have been fixed in latest dev version which i was using.
So I still need a demo to confirm the problem

I have attached Screen shot of my screen.

screenshot is not a demo, I cannot use it to reproduce the problem locally.
Could you please provide a link or send me a small html page where the bug can be reproduced?