Getting Unresponsive script message

I get the “Unresponsive script” message when Im loading the below xml. I have more than 200 tasks and the chart is not loading fully. Plese help me solve this issue as soon as possible.
Im getting this issue in Firefox and IE. In Google Chrome the chart is loading fine.

Project Plan 2010,07,1324960Requirement Study2010,07,13240Requirement Study2010,8,0326480Identify the project sponsor and project manager2010,8,0324100Prepare the Requirements Document (RD)2010,8,04720694000000412019Kick Off Meetings2010,8,0996100Enroll in Training 2010,8,13240694000000412065Business Process Analysis2010,8,133600694000000412065Design Chart Of Accounts2010,8,133600Develop Use Cases2010,8,131680Order to Cash2010,8,131680Revenue Recogniton 2010,8,131680AP/Vendor Payments2010,8,131680Late fees2010,8,131680Define Cut Over Plan 2010,8,131680Define Reporting Requirements2010,8,131680Complete SFDC Key Decisions Checklist2010,8,131680Define Data Object Authority2010,8,131680Define Integration Objects, Transactions and Methods2010,8,131680Procure to pay2010,8,131680Inventory Items2010,8,131680Non-Inventory Items2010,8,131680Test QB Import File 2010,8,16480Financial Modules2010,9,0315840Core Financials2010,9,032640 Provision Intacct 2010,9,03240Create Client Company ID Instance of Intacct in accordance with Intacct New Account Setup Form 2010,9,03240Company > Services > Subscriptions 2010,9,031680Configure Order Entry module 2010,9,03240Time and Expense 2010,9,03240Setup Expense Types2010,9,03240Order Entry2010,9,035520Order Entry 2010,9,034080Order Entry > Activities > Order Entry Setup 2010,9,03240Purchasing 2010,9,034080Purchase Orders 2010,9,034080Purchase Orders > Activities > Purchasing Setup 2010,9,03240Purchase Order & Accounts Payable Data 2010,9,031440Add Vendor Types 2010,9,03240SFDC Integration 2010,9,031200Configure SFDC and Intacct MAX2010,9,031200694000000412261Custom 2010,9,0315840Documents 2010,9,032880Customize Purchase Order Output2010,9,031200Customize Invoice Output2010,9,031200Customize Sales Order Output2010,9,031200Rework Documents2010,9,032880Rework Sales Order2010,9,031200Rework Fulfilment Document2010,9,031200Rework Invoice2010,9,031200Rework Purchase Order2010,9,031200Final Approval2010,9,03240Technical Services2010,9,0314640694000000412177Design2010,9,032400Write functional specifications2010,9,031200Design prototypes and Dataflow Diagrams2010,9,032400Write QA test cases2010,9,031200Configure General Information Tab 2010,9,03240Configure Journals: GJ, AP, AR, CD, CR, EE, IJ, PR, OB, OP, RR – with Cash/Accrual Options 2010,9,03240Company > Setup > Company Info #1 2010,9,04240694000000412307Configure Security Settings 2010,9,04240694000000412337Configure Purchasing module 2010,9,04240694000000412439Add Item GL Groups 2010,9,04240694000000412743Add Item GL Groups 2010,9,04240694000000412917Setup Professional Services User Account as Business User with Full Admin Rights 2010,9,05240694000000412313Configure Preference Settings 2010,9,05240694000000412343General Ledger Setup 2010,9,05480694000000412329Configure General Ledger module 2010,9,05240694000000412445Add Price Lists 2010,9,05240694000000412749Add Price Lists 2010,9,05240694000000412923Configure Accounting Settings 2010,9,06240694000000412351Configure Statistical Journals: ST 2010,9,06240694000000412385Add Vendors 2010,9,06240694000000412963Add Units of Measure 2010,9,06240694000000412931Configure Accounts Receivable module 2010,9,06240694000000412453Add A/R Terms 2010,9,06240694000000412757Configure Display Settings 2010,9,07240694000000412359Configure Adjustment Journals: GJ, AP, AR, CD, CR, EE, IJ, PR, OB, OP, RR – with Cash/Accrual Options 2010,9,07240694000000412391Configure Employee Expense module 2010,9,07240694000000412461Add Product Lines 2010,9,07240694000000412765Configure Transaction Definitions 2010,9,073600694000000412939Add Items 2010,9,07240694000000412969Cash Management Setup 2010,9,07240694000000412377Setup Checking Accounts: Cash Management > Records > Checking Accounts > Add 2010,9,07240Set Up Charge Cards2010,9,07240Subscribe to modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Employee Expenses, Inventory, Purchasing, Order Entry, Cash Management, other optional modules 2010,9,07240Request Inventory Preferences Certification Key from 2010,9,07240Setup Chart of Accounts 2010,9,08240694000000412399Configure Accounts Payable module 2010,9,08240694000000412469Setup Savings Accounts: Cash Management > Records > Savings Accounts > Add 2010,9,08240694000000412535Company > Services > Subscriptions 2010,9,08240694000000412527Enter Inventory Preferences Certification Key 2010,9,08240694000000412581Add Units of Measure 2010,9,08240694000000412773Add Test A/P Bills 2010,9,08240694000000412977Add Users and Contact Records 2010,9,08240Review User Permissions 2010,9,08240Setup Statistical Accounts 2010,9,09240694000000412407Configure Cash Management module 2010,9,09240694000000412477Company > Setup > My Preferences 2010,9,09240694000000412557Enable Type Ahead 2010,9,09240694000000412587Configure Transaction Definitions 2010,9,092400694000000412781Add Test Vendor 1099 Balances 2010,9,09240694000000412985Set up Allocations2010,9,10240694000000412415Configure Revenue Recognition Module 2010,9,10240694000000412485Enable Quick View 2010,9,10240694000000412595Company > Records 2010,9,101440694000000412573Add Employees, select Primary Contact Name for Employee from corresponding User Contact record 2010,9,10240694000000412629Refine Permissions2010,9,101200694000000412643Add A/P Terms 2010,9,10240694000000412993Review Documents2010,9,10480Review & Approve Sales Quote2010,9,10480694000000413053Review and Approve Purchase Order Doc2010,9,10480694000000413053Config and Prototyping 2010,9,1115840694000000412177Configure Contract Management Module 2010,9,11240694000000412493Auto Collapse Quick View 2010,9,11240694000000412603Configure IntacctMax SFDC Module2010,9,12480694000000412501Configure non-core modules as specified 2010,9,14240694000000412509Review & Approve Sales Order2010,9,14480694000000413067Review & Approve Fulfilment Document2010,9,14480694000000413067Review & Approve Invoice2010,9,14480694000000413067Rework Sales Quote2010,9,141200694000000413067Review Documents Complete2010,9,16240694000000413067Company > Records #2 2010,9,16480694000000412621Add Departments 2010,9,16240Add Locations 2010,9,17240694000000412667Develop2010,9,174800694000000413221Set up Development and QA Environment2010,9,17480Code application components2010,9,174800Unit 1: SFDC Customization2010,9,174800Unit 2: Data Migration (Historical Contracts and Rev. Rec.)2010,9,174800Unit 3. Advanced Order Entry Configuration/Report Development 2010,9,174800Create Reporting Periods 2010,9,17240Add Territories 2010,9,18240694000000412673Company > Setup > Company Setup Checklist 2010,9,18240694000000412659Terminology as specified 2010,9,19240694000000412681Rework Documents Complete2010,9,21240694000000413127Configure Sales Tax (Avalara)2010,9,21240694000000412789Configure Contract Management Rules2010,9,22480694000000412797Configure Revenue Recognition Schedules2010,9,24480694000000412805Add Customer Types 2010,9,27240Order Entry & Accounts Receivable Data 2010,9,281440694000000412737Add Customers 2010,9,29240694000000412831Add Items 2010,9,30240694000000412837Add Open A/R Invoices 2010,10,01240694000000412845Add Contract Data2010,10,02480694000000412853Rev Rec and Contract Management2010,10,05480694000000412823Configure Rev Rec Templates2010,10,05240Create and Test Historical Templates2010,10,05240Workflow Testing and Acceptance 2010,10,065520Workflow, Integration, Customization and Report Testing (Intacct)2010,10,065280Test and Refine Order Entry Workflow 2010,10,063600Test and Refine Purchase Order Workflow 2010,10,063600Test and Refine Reports 2010,10,063600Test and Refine Customizations 2010,10,063600Test and Refine Integration 2010,10,063600Review and Revise2010,10,07240694000000412879Test, Revise and Deliver2010,10,155280694000000413247Deploy to QA2010,10,15720Regression test2010,10,191200Unit Tests2010,10,20960694000000413297Integration Tests2010,10,20960694000000413297Track revisions and defects2010,10,20480694000000413297Hand Over2010,10,256720Testing and Go Live2010,10,251920Training #12010,10,251200Review Go-Live Check List2010,10,25240Correct defects and code revisions2010,10,263600694000000413311Retest and track revisions and defects2010,10,26720694000000413335Reports2010,10,276720Develop Financial Reports2010,10,271200Deploy release to QA2010,10,29720694000000413341Confirm Bank Account Set-up2010,11,01240Define process for Bank Reconciliation2010,11,01480Test Check Printing 2010,11,01240Go Live 2010,11,01240694000000413727Training #22010,11,02720694000000413739Write documentation2010,11,03240694000000413349Test Financial Statement Printing 2010,11,04240694000000413503Workflow, Integration, Customization and Report Testing (SFDC)2010,11,04480Test and Refine Order Entry Workflow 2010,11,04480Test and Refine Reports 2010,11,04480Test and Refine Customizations 2010,11,04480Test and Refine Integration 2010,11,04480Deployment 2010,11,082880694000000413447Data Migration 2010,11,081920General Ledger Data 2010,11,08240Add Account Balances (History)2010,11,08240Data Migration #22010,11,08720Final Intacct Data Import 2010,11,08720Final SFDC Data Import 2010,11,08720Migrate A/R, A/P, Vendor 1099 Balances2010,11,081200Clean up A/R and A/P terms2010,11,08240Import Open A/P2010,11,08480Import Open A/R2010,11,08480Load deltas2010,11,081200Customers2010,11,08240Vendors2010,11,09240694000000413769Employees2010,11,10240694000000413775Review and Tie out Open A/R and Open A/P2010,11,10240694000000413691Import GL Accounts2010,11,11240694000000413783Import Items2010,11,12240694000000413791Import Vendor 1099 Balances2010,11,12240Load & Validate Trial Balances2010,11,13480694000000413799Load Outstanding Checks2010,11,15240694000000413807Import Open Pos2010,11,15240694000000413807Validate Customers (AR)2010,11,15480694000000413807Validate Vendors (AP)2010,11,15480694000000413807Dashboard 2010,11,15480Accounting Custom Dashboard 2010,11,15240Executive Custom Dashboard2010,11,16240694000000413589Implementation2010,11,162160694000000413289Install and Configure Production Environment 2010,11,16480Payroll Data 2010,11,16240Misc Custom Dashboard2010,11,17240694000000413595Review External Data Requirements and Integtration 2010,11,17240694000000413583Setup Budgets 2010,11,17480Budgets 2010,11,18960694000000413613Conduct beta tests2010,11,18480694000000413375Sych Intacct and SalesForce Customer2010,11,19240Track defects2010,11,20480694000000413381Add Budget Account Balances 2010,11,20480694000000413637Develop Ad Hoc Reports2010,11,221200Gap Analysis2010,11,23240694000000413389Environment Revisions2010,11,24240694000000413397

You have an error in this xml –

Predecessor task (694000000412019) position error. Reduce duration of predecessor task (694000000412019) or increase EST of child task (694000000412043)

You should fix it before you load. It says that a child task starts before the parent.

you are getting that error because your this.hoursInDay must have been set to 8.
My this.hoursInDay = 24. Please load my xml with this.hoursInDay = 24 , you will definitely get the "Unresponsive script " message (please note that a part of the chart is loaded before I get this message). I repeat that chart for the xml I gave you is loading fine in Google Chrome , but I get the issue in MOZILLA and INTERNET EXPLORER ( this shows that there is no error in my xml). I have been evaluating dhtmlxGantt and Im interested in purchasing it in the immediate future , but this issue is proving to be a big hindrance. So please look into this issue and get back to me as soon as possible.

This is the exact error message Im getting:-

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.
Script: file:///home/badrinathr/dhtmlxGantt/codebase/dhtmlxgantt.js:3961

Agree, FF is really slow. It does load your XML on my PC, but it takes around 4 sec. Chrome is instant in this case. I will try to workaround this and let you know.

Yes, it seems Firefox is really slow on rendering your nodes. IE9 and Chrome are really fast.
I have tried to remove parent DIV from DOM during rendering and then add it back after all, but it does not help - Firefox is still slow to render them. No solution for Firefox yet. it’s not slow JavaScript, it’s slow rendering mechanism.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Many of my clients use FIREFOX and it is absolutely essential for me to get this problem fixed. dhtmlxGantt is a really superb product and Im ready to purchase the Commercial license immediately after you get this fixed. So please give me a time frame of when you can get this fixed.

That is a Firefox browser issue to slowly render HTML content. We will try to find some workaround, but for the moment it seems impossible.

I got your point and it would be great if you find me a work around. But for the time being i want to know if removing any part of your code which constructs HTML content in a for loop render the chart faster in MOZILLA. For example :-

  1. I can do without the div with className = “taskPanel” (i mean the background grid of the chart). I see that the height and width of the grid is increased in a for loop. Will removing this DIV help?
    2 . I do not use the tag (i use only the tag). So will removing code related to child tasks help?
    or Can you suggest any other part of the HTML , which when removed will render the chart perfectly in FIREFOX.

Please give it a try, (but I do not think it would significantly improve FF rendering.)
Currently we have other tasks in development.