Getting up and running in IIS 8.0 on Win Server 2012

I’ve got working perfect in VS2015 on the server, but can’t get it working on the IIS8 server builtin into Win Server 2012.

I have default app pool set, nothing classic. Can anybody please help, been at this for over a week and half and I’m just not seeing something and could use some help from anyone who’s had trouble getting it running on their IIS server, thank you.


what error is displayed when you open the app?
Make sure that custom errors are disabled during debug, so you’ll see an error message:<configuration> <system.web> <customErrors mode="Off"/>

There is two most frequent issues:

  1. Incorrect version of .NET framework on server - e.g it can be set to .NET 2.0 by default
  2. Database connection settings - in visual studio you could use LocalDB as a datasource. When you deploy the app to IIS you neen to add database to SQL server and modify the connection string accordingly.

What’s happens in your case?

I did the web publish in VS 2015 and set it to IIS, it brought up the page, but got a ton of SQL errors this time… DB is on SQLexpress and not on the SQL server on the same box, so this is a LOT farther then I’ve gotten in the past so I need to import the DB into SQL Server and change the pointers to it, I’ll try that tonight.

Anybody interested in helping me with this project? I’m willing to pay for your time, its too much for me to do.

Getting closer - the webpage comes up, the background is there, just no calendar.

Has a message on the screen, sorry an error has occured.

So I think at this point its all SQL database related that have to be sorted out, but inching closer to getting it up and running onto IIS8


please paste the exact error messages what are shown on your page (screenshots would also do), otherwise it would take too much guessing to resolve the issue.

Finally found the issues last night.

It was a combination of bad settings in the Web properties in VS2015 and then I got a bunch of errors for which turned out that several of the DLL’s were missing in the Appdata\bin directory.

Once I copied the missing DLL’s - the site came right up! :slight_smile: