[gird] Combobox + grid chain loading data problem (only 1 co


I have a very strange problem.

Complex grid, with 7 fields.

Two colums declared as comboboxes.


After grid.init(); I’m trying to load combobox data and then grid data, using chainloading.

gCombo1 = grid.getColumnCombo(1);



gCombo2 = grid.getColumnCombo(3);







Technicaly, it should cause load of combobox data for column 1, when loading complete it should load data for column 3 and then load values for whole grid, replacing combobox ID with combobox values, loaded before.

In fact, it does that but only for 1 combo, that loaded LAST. In my example it’ll be gCombo2(column 3).

Where do I miss the point and what did went wrong?

Thanks in advance!

The same code work correctly in our samples ( working sample sent by email )
Please be sure that you have exactly the same values in both grid’s and combo’s XMLs

Well, if error would be in values, then we shoudn’t get it working, when reversing column load order.

Thank you for example, it seems that this problem only exist in older version of grid.
I’m very sorry that I didn’t point it out in the initial message, we are using  “v.1.5 build 80319 professional”.
When I replaced codebase files provided with your example, with one, that we were using - problem were reproduced in your example too.

Now I’m trying to narrow down problem to exact file, or if i’m lucky - to function.

Its a bit diffucult for us to switch to the newer version, therefore can u please check your example with previous version of a grid and provide quickfix for this problem if its possible


You can use dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js from provided sample - this is latest build of dhtmlxgrid 1.6, but this file can be used with grid 1.5 as well.
Replacing this file with new one must resolve issue ( it stores all combo filling related logic )

Yes, problem inded in  “dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js”, however our newest version “v.1.6 build 80512” produce just the same effect.
But with file, provided with example we get our grid working right.

It seems thats “v.1.6 build 80512” is the latest build available, can u confirm it and send update if thats wrong.


The dhtmlxgrid .1.6 build 80512 is latest build on current moment.
We plan to release next build in few days, it will include an updated dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js file.