Goole calendar sync

I have followed the instructions on setting up google calendar sync. I was just checking the get events, the code proceeds upto the line “var evs = service.Events.List(“CALENDAR_ID”).Execute();”, but i get no return from the Execute();? There are no errors being thrown, and from fiddler it looks like the call is going out. I have tried with 2 separate google accounts.


is this the exact code you use, or have you used an actual id of the google calendar instead of CALENDAR_ID string?

var evs = service.Events.List("CALENDAR_ID").Execute();

“CALENDAR_ID” is used as a placeholder, there should be an id of google calendar … alendar_id

No, I used an actual calendarID from the calendar details page.
Although the documentation is a bit confusing because it says in section 5.1
" Parameters:
CALENDAR_ID - calendar identifier which has a following format"

which is the format of the ClientID