GPolygon not displaying when map is inside layout frame

I have the the problem listed below:

I have dhtmlxLayout dиvided into two parts and on the first cell there is attached div containing GMap object.

When i add overlay ( GPolygon ) on the map and then i try to zoom or move the map the shape of the polygon disappears but the area where the polygon is supposed to be still reacts on some events which proves that it is there but not visible.

i tried this example without dhtmlxLayout frames and it works like charm!

Any ideas?

10x in advance


Please provide the sample to recreate the problem.

well it is over 10000 lines of jScript code because it is a professional web based gps software and i was doing a page where users can add Points of Interests on the map.

what you need to do is to create layout with two cells and on the first one to attach DIV with google maps inside. On the second cell i have a grid with places that are already added to the database.

when i click on the table row the polygon gets displayed on the map which is on the first cell.

But when i try to zoom or move the map the polygon disappears.

If i really have to attach part of the code i will do it but i think that the problem is somehow related to the layout where the div with the map is attached

We do not require the whole your application with real data. It could be just a sample that demonstrates the problem and ready for testing