Gradually build a grid with values ​​from forms at DHTMLX

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but none of this email link does not work, I do not understand what is happening, can someone help me please.

here is the answer to your post from Pacific15:


You can get user data from form like this

var myInput = form.getItemValue('form_input_1')

and then add myInput to existing grid


or I think you can send data to PHP file


(I´m using this)

url : “get_form.php”,
async : false,
type : ‘POST’,
data: {

}).done(function(result) {

and then construct grid

<?php echo "<rows>"; echo "<row id='1'>"; echo "<cell ><![CDATA[ ".$_GET['myinput']." ]]></cell>"; echo "</row>"; echo "</rows>"; ?>

This might not be the best ideas (and probably there are easier way to achieve what you want)
But I use this because it is simple for me and understandable
If you want to save data you can use DataProcessor

Here is something that might come handy … index.html … _grid.html