Graphics not displayed correctly

I am using various DHTMLX components, some of which do not display correctly after the application code has been built and deployed as a .war file into tomcat on linux. The two documents attached show comparisons of running the webapp in IE8 - one through tomcat on linux and the other through Eclipse/STS. Some colours are not painted/displayed correctly when the webapp is run in tomcat on linux, either as a .war file or when exploded into the full directory structure. However, if I import the same .war file into Eclipse/STS then its does display correctly. Other examples include separator lines and arrows not displaying in menus.
I would be very grateful for your help.
Thank you

We need completed demo to reproduse it. … leted_demo

we found the issue.
It was a number of double slashes (//) in the file include/codebase/dhtmlx.css
Global find & replace // to / and it’s OK.