greater or equal - numeric_filter - does not work!!

Hi all,

I have a little problem. I’m using some numeric_filter in my grid.
Well it works really good, everything works, except filtering for >= N …
Every other filtering works fine (N1…N2, <=N, <N, >N, =N)
I don’t know why. No error and nothing, just an empty result set!

Any solutions? Any other suggestions why this could be?


I was about to post the same question. It seems like the filtering code in dhtmlx has a bug. The code tries to look for the operand like this

r = v.match(/>|>=|<=|</)

when >= is specified, the first operand is matched and it tries to filter with ‘=N’. I think the filter code needs to be changed to something like

r = v.match(/>=|>|<=|</)

to get things working.