Grid 7.3.0 eventHandlers returns empty row and col object


Here is a snippet where it can be tested: 2

Last column is with enabled html and there is a click event defined.

If you are using version: 7.2.5 the data object contains the col and row objects.
If you are using version 7.3.0 the data object in some snippets contains only the col object or only the row object. In many cases neither the col nor the row object are returned.


Hello Nikolai.

Thank you for your report. We know about that problem, and we’ll try to fix it in future updates.


Hello Nikolai.

We have fixed your reported problem in the latest dhx.Suite update (v 7.3.2.)
You can test it in your original snippet:
Please, try to download the latest available build to get that fix.
Thank you for your report.


it doesnt work again.

I found out the reason!!! It happens only when the row id is integer but not string.


Thank you for your details. We’ll try to fix this issue in one of the future updates.