Grid adding and deleting rows


Addrow and deleterow methods are not present in 7.0?
How Is it possible to achieve the same functionality?
I found in documentation that I have to use the data collection.
But I think that a sample could be useful…


All the data components in the dhtmlxSuite 7 are using the dataCollection component to operate with its data.
It allows to use the same data format and the same API for any component. Also, due to that dataCollection component you are abkle to use a single dataset for several components located on your page.
So, you jusrt need to use the add(), remove() methods of the dataCollection. to add or remove the data of your grid:{id: "myRowId", col1:"value", col2:"value2"});"myRowId");


The problem is that if you search google to find documentation about dhtmlx . The results are always of version 5.0 that is very different from suite 7.0. Sometimes this creates problem i. Suite 7.0 has few samples available.


Just try to go to the index page of the dhtmlx docs:
and it will show you the information about the latest (7.0) dhtmlxSuite. The same thing with the samples: