grid and Dataprocessor

Hi there,

I have a grid and with manual update by DataProcessor. I’m trying to update by onEditCell 2 stage. Below my code:

itemsGrid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”, function(stage,row_id,cell_index,new_value,old_value){


     case 0:


     case 1:


     case 2:

     if (old_value!=new_value){







When i edit cell, dataprocessor sends right data, but after update dataprocessor undo cell value in grid.

Do i use sendData in right why? What’s cause of problem?

Thanls in advance

You need to return true from onEditCell event

return true;

When not-true value returned from function, it counted as signal to deny edit operation and revert to old value.
( by the way, dataprocessor in auto-update mode will generated sendData calls automatically , when value in any cell changed )


I’ll try it.


Is it also possible to send also the old_value with de dataprocessor to de server script?

I want this to log the changes so i can see who dit what to the data.


Only new value will be sent by dataprocessor, but you can add the code which will store old value in the userdata or row. Because all userdata sent with each call, you will be able to locate old value on the server side.