grid and saving records starting with white space


I’m using a grid to list/edit data. I have one record with a field having a multiple white space character at the beginning of the field value in my database.

When the grid gets loaded, the white spaces are not being displayed in the grid… even if it’s in there in the XML file. I did a few tests and also tried putting white spaces at the beginning and at the end of the cell when editing it and then saving it but it looks like the dhtmlgrid is trimming off any white space at the end and beggining of a cell when displaying it and processing it. It even does not detect any changes if you just add extra blank space at the end of your cell value when you edit it.

Is there something I can turn off or change so the grid does not trim for me?

Thank you

You can try to use “txttxt”, “rotxt” or “ectxt” eXCell types.


That’s what we are using but the grid just trims any spaces that are at the beginning or the end of the cell value. I don’t understand why.

We are currently using rotxt as the cell type and when the grid is processed, it just trims everything. Even when the grid loads, I don’t see the spaces in there

Trimming blanks spaces before cell value is a native behavior of xml parsers of some browsers. It cannot be fixed with JavaScript.

And so… I have no solution for this?
Do you have any suggestions?

This issue cannot be fixed because of browser limitation.