Grid "Auto Height" Problem


Hello. I am attempting to do something that I thought was going to be very basic. In essence I have a layout (row) with the configuration set for height: “content”. Then I attach a Grid with the intention that the number of rows that populate the grid will determine the height of the layout row. But what is happening is the layout row slowly opens and extends and then keeps expanding forever (the scrollbar on the browser tab keeps growing). So, for example, if I only have four rows populating the grid the row opens up and expands past the fourth row and continues on leaving a large white space below the last row. Can anyone explain how to fix this? Thank you.



the height:“content” property can be used if the container placed in the layout cell has a defined height, while in case of grid usage you need to specify the grid container height, otherwise it will have the “0” height.
Could you please, clarify the expected result so I could suggest you a proper solution.


@ND_Results Can you also indicate which browser you are using? I had the same issue with endlessly growing grid height on Internet Explorer starting with DHX 6. I chalked it up to IE not being standards compliant, and moved our default browser to Edge or Chrome (I use DHX for our company’s intranet site, so I can control that) since IE will be going away soon-ish.


IE is going away not soon-enough-ish …

We are using Chrome v91.


Thank you for your additional information. In other uses of your Grid component I have a specific grid height specified. When I saw the “effect” of the layout row slowly opening up and gradually filling the space for the Grid and its rows, I thought it had good application in some cases. So, instead of immediately seeing the container, what I am trying to accomplish is that the grid container will slowly open from zero to the height required to display all of the rows (e.g., whether rows = 4 or rows = 20) instead of forcing a scrollbar at a certain point.