Grid autoWidth: true horizontal scrollbar after data load


When autowidth is true the grid shows a horizontal scrollbar after the vertical scrollbar becomes visible after loading external data.
The column width is correctly calculated on initialization but isn’t corrected when the vertical scrollbar becomes visible.


Hi, I guess this happen if we set width in the configuration. In the original example of this feature initial width is not set. See without initial width in this example. Manual width seems to take precedence. Can you validate my observation? :vulcan_salute:


Hello Sander_Brakel

Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in one of the future udpates.


@sematik can you give an update on when this will be fixed?


It should be fixed in the 7.3 update


We have released the dhx.Suite 7.3 update, and it contains the fix of your reported problem.
YOu can check it in your original snippet:
So, please, try to update your dhx.Suite build to get that fix.