Grid becomes invisible when adding Chart to same page

Hey, I have following structure:


Using jQuery UI draggable and droppable widgets I append iframes into the elements which load html pages containing dhtmlXGrid or dhtmlXChart objects.
My only problem is: As soon as any chart is being rendered on the page, all grid objects become invisible.
How can this happen?

At least I tracked down the source for my problem:

The error occurs in dhtmlxgrid.js, line 5439.
First thought: getCanvas() returns the wrong context.

Even if I put another grid in some other table cell it’s invisible?

I’m sorry - it’s line 5439 in dhtmlxchart.js, not dhtmlxgrid.js

I narrowed it down to line 3138 -


this is the exact point, where my grid disappears.
Any hints or fixes?

next update - it seems to be a Chrome related problem?

Could you provide us a direct link to youe project to inspect the issue?
Or you can send us completed demo on with link to this topic. … leted_demo

Hi Darya, thanks for your reply.
Right now I’m not focused on browser support anymore.
I’ll get back here soon.

Ok )