Grid borders in skyblue and hints (titles)

I have ine simple grid and one onclick function

var mygrid = dhxLayoutFull.cells(“b”).attachGrid();


in function i can work with all cells, get/set values and change bgcolor like this

for(var i=0;i<mygrid.getRowsNum();i++)
But i cant change cell hint (like title in HTML table cells) and can’t make black borders (skin skyblue).

Tell me please how with this construction (working whith all cells whith operator “for”) i can change title and borders in different cells
Tell me please,

I find solution by titles :slight_smile:

But with borders can’t make nothing

I find solution for borders in skyblue :slight_smile:
In head after
add next style

div.gridbox table.obj td{border:1px solid;border-color:black black black black;}