Grid: Bug with footer, frozen column and visible horizontal scrollbar

Code example here

There is bug when we combine leftSplit and footer.
To reproduce this bug we have to resize the column and see what happen when the horizontal scrollbar appear.

As you will see, the footer of the frozen column and the footer of the other columns will appear at different levels.


We can observe how the horizontal scrollbar sometimes takes the area of the frozen column. I guess it should never happen.

Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in one of the future updates.
I’ll inform you here when the update will be available.

We have fixed your reported problem in the latest dhx.Grid update (v7.3.14).
You can check it in your original snippet.
Please, try to download the latest available dhx.Grid build to get that fix.
Thank you for your report.

Best regards.

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