Grid Cell-Level API with Suite 6

Hi there,

in suite 5 there is a cell level api for the grid component.
I cannto find it in suite 6.
How to do getAttribute and setAttribute on a cell on in a grid with suite 6?

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All these kind of methods are available through the data collection api:
as the attribute is only an id of the row object you can try to use the getItem() method:

Already tried that. But it returns just the cells value not the cell object.
I want to able to get/set a custom property of a single cell.

When i use then the property ‘yourAttribute’ are my column ids.

I apologize. Unfortunately there is no cell level custom attributes.

Do you expect to deliver this in one of the next releases? Maybe as a pro feature?

Unfortunately such feature is nott planning to be added in the near updates, but have sent your request to the dev team and it will be observed.