Grid cell multicolumn combo, parse text: [Object object]

When I use the normal combo in the grid all the work, when the same use multicolumn with template does not display the correct value selected row … Displayed as [Object object], how can I fix it?

My Combo JSON:
“template”: {
“input”: “#code# #name#”,
“columns”: [
{“header”: “Code”, “width”: 70, “option”: “#code#”},
{“header”: “Name”, “width”: 600, “option”: “#name#”}
“options”: [
<% @business_types.each do |es| %>
{“value”: “<%= %>”, “text”: { “code”: “<%= es.code %>”, “name”: “<%= %>” }},
<% end %>

My Grid XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Business Type

<% @organization_business_types.each_with_index do |bt, i| %>

<%= bt.business_type_id %>

<% end %>

Unfortunately it’s not available to use the multicolumn combo templates in the “combo” exCell.

It would be great to have that note in the docs at

…as I just ran into the same after changing the user interface and back office.