grid cell pasteBlockFromClipboard issue


I tried the sample which is given at - … tion.html#.

To reproduce the issue, open a new excel file, put value 1 in A1, 2 in A2 & 3 in A3.

Select the first 3 cells from excel & press Ctrl+C.

Now go the sample url, select the first three cells in the Price column and press Ctrl+v.

I am able to see that while the contents are being updated for the first three cells, however the fourth cell(within the price column), gets updated by itself to value $0.

Did anyone has any idea how to prevent the fourth cell from being updated, i.e. when the data is copied from an excel file and copied into the grid?

Thanks in advance.


The issue is confirmed and already fixed.
Please, open ticket at so we can provide you a fixed js file

Thanks Sematik for your quick reply.

Please let me know whether the below issue is also fixed, or is there any way to implement the fix for it.

When I selected the first three cells from “Book Title” column and pasted the values from excel file they were changed.

Is there a way to prevent/bind the selection & pasting of data to a specific coulmn/cell/row.?


You may set the read-only type to a needed cell:
some value

or disable “edit” operations for a needed cell using setDisabled() method: