Grid cell value not updated when clicking into tree


I am building an aplication that consits of three DHTMLX components a toolbar, a tree and a grid.

Within the grid a column is editable and I have registered a handler for “onEditCell”.

In most cases everything is OK and my onEditCell handler is called when I change the cell value.

But when I enter the grid editor, change the cell value and then press a node in the tree,

my onEditCell handler is not called! In opposite when I press a button in the toolbar my handler is triggered.

I am working with: dhtmlxSuite_pro_2008Rel2_80512

Thanks in advance

onEditCell handler called each time when grid cell switched to edit state or back, there is no difference by which event grid state change was triggered.
It possible that clicking in tree will not trigger end of edit operation in grid ( can be caused, by some custom logic of tree)
You can resolve problem by adding next code

mygrid.editStop(); //force end of edit operation in grid
return true;