I have a grid with 2000 rows with pagination displaying 30 rows per page.

Should i be able to get cell details from a row that isn’t displayed on the current page using the following?

var rId = dataGrid.getRowId(i);
var cell = dataGrid.cellById(rId, 0);

I get the following error when i try:
Error = TypeError: c is null in dhtmlxgrid.js

Why am i doing this?
I have checkboxes in the grid and want to get all checked boxes. I sort into checkbox order and loop through the rows until i hit one that isn’t checked and break out of the loop. This is quicker than the dhtmlx get all checked function on large datasets.


In case of dynamic loading unfortunately it’s not available to access the cell that is not loaded yet, so, please, make sure that the needed cell is loaded.
If issue still occurs - please, provide a sample of your code with the init of the grid and your custom function.