Grid cells having extra space at top and bottom.


I am facing one issue in the grid , For one grid all the cell having extra space at top and bottom.
Because for this grid when i reduce the width of these columns, height not increase becuase it is having that much to wrap the text.
But for other grid when I decrease the width of any columns then their cell height is increasing to fit the text and this grid cell don’t have any extra space at top and bottom .

Soppose one cell having 5 words, then height of this cell is coming 5 time the height of a cells width.

Now , the issue is this, why one gird cells is having extra space .How to show data in all cell best fit only .

I hope so, u under stand my issue.

For other grid the coumns are coming like.

I had attached one jpeg file to expalin the issue.

Lokendra Kumar

Try to update your dhtmlXGrid and use the enableMultiLine method in your code


I had done already multiline to true.

If I put multiline to false, in one line all rows are coming.

So I had put multiline to true.

Lokendra Kumar Ujjwal

So you need just to update your dhtmlXGrid.


What I want to say that , I had already put that multiline(true).

And after that only I am getting that extra space Issue.

I need to show that data in wrapped that why I had already put multiline(true).

And you said that I had to update the grid, I don’t understand, there is no update method for that grid .As I think u want to put me that multiline(true).

Now, How can i solve this issue.

Lokendra Kumar Ujjwal

I’m sorry.
I meant that you need to upgrade the version of your dhtmlXGrid.


I want to explain this issue in different way.
I have about 9-10 dhtml grid .
Ok , now all the other grid , don’t have any extra space and text is also wrapped in all the cells.
Now MY issue is, why only , with one grid this problem is coming.
If this is the issue of this version, this problem should come to all the grid where I had put multiline(true);


Lokendra kumar Ujjwal

So, please, provide any kind of sample or a demo link so that we can reproduce the issue.