Grid checkbox grid update db

Hi there,

I’ve got a grid that loads data based on user selection on a list. As part of that data, there is a column that is a checkbox (e.g. yes/no). What I’d like to do is when the user clicks on the checkbox to put it into a checked/unchecked state, to save and send the update to the database.

Set the database entry to 0 when user unchecks the checkbox.
Set the database entry to 1 when user checks the checkbox.

I’d like to do this without have the user click on a button such as “Save” or “Update” after each check/uncheck.



You may try to use onCheck event: … nt_oncheck

For details please, provide a sample of your code.

Also, if you are using checkbox column type (“ch”) and dataprocessor for the grid - changing checkbox value must trigger auto-saving through dataprocessor without any additional code.