Grid ColType dhxCalendar causes no data in cell in Grid

I have a simple grid set up that pulls data from mySql. Everything works (updates etc) until I change the column type from ed to dhxCalendar for a date field.

With the column type dhxCalendar, when the page first loads, the cell is empty even though the data is in the database. *note that if the cell column type is ed, the data is visible.

When I use the date picker control, it successfully updates the cell (data is visible) and updates the new value in the database. Subsequent page refresh results in the cell being blank again.

I think that the format of the date coming from MySql into the control is the issue but have no idea how to approach a debug or to correct the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

You need to clarify your date format.
It can be done with setDateFormat() method: … ormat.html