Grid column maxWidth behavior

I’m noticing a couple odd behaviors with the maxWidth property in Grid columns. First, if the maxWidth property is set to less than the width property, but is greater than 100, it seems to default the column width to 100. If the maxWidth is set to less than 100, the column width is set to the maxWidth value. Demonstrated in this snippet.

Secondly, if “adjust” property is set to true, then it completely ignores the maxWidth property. I understand that the adjust property sets the column to the width of the data in that instance, but it seems most logical to me that the hierarchy should be maxWidth -> adjust -> width -> autoWidth -> default.

Thank you for your note. The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in futrure updates.

Hello kcasarez.

We have fixed your original reqeusted issue in the latest dhtmlxSuite update (7.1.3).
Now it should work correctly:

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