Grid - Column moving with attached complex header filters


as i found in the knowledge base, colum moving is not possible with attached filters, if not all columns have filters attached, because of rowspan.

If i am attaching filters to all columns, column moving works fine.

Unfortunately not in every situation filters make sense. My idea was, to attach filters to every column, but for

a couple of columns i want to hide the filters via css+jquery.

But in firebug, i’ve seen, that the filters field have no id or class attached.

Is it possible to have this?

Best regards, Stefan

You can set id for the filter in header with following code:
var filter=mygrid.getFilterElement(COLUMN_INDEX);//reference to the filter html object“some id”;



this works fine. Is it possible to replace the select filter box with the


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sorry, i found the combobox example in the samples.

When using



i will get an javascript error: filterObject unknown. What is wrong here?


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text_search input can not be got by getFilterElement method.

You can try to use the following approach instead: grid.hdr.rows[2].cells[COLUMN_INDEX].getElementsByTagName(“INPUT”)[0]

var filterObject = mygrid.hdr.rows[2].cells[0].getElementsByTagName(“INPUT”)[0];