Grid Column values set in cookie?


we are set in grid column value using temp data. if user logout the page. The values not retained.
If its possible grid column values set in cookie.
This url is help to my query. But i need some clarification.

Offline storage
<div id="gridbox" width="300px" height="250px" style="overflow:hidden"></div>
<p><a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="mygrid.addRow((new Date()).valueOf(),

[0,’’,’’,’’,false,‘na’,false,’’],mygrid.getRowIndex(mygrid.getSelectedId()))">Add row

<p><a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="mygrid.deleteSelectedItem()">Remove Selected Row</a></p>

1.I cannot find out the link and script for my app
2. URL: using ‘php’
For my grid constructor using XML load.,
mygridAvailable = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridboxAvailable’);
mygridAvailable.selMultiRows = true;
mygridAvailable.loadXML("/" + “Events” + “/GetAvailableHeadersXml/?Event_ID=” + EventID);
mygridAvailable.setColumnHidden(1, true);
mygridAvailable.setColumnHidden(3, true);

Unfortunately the the proxy cannot help you in this case. The proxy functionality allows the user to work with dhtmlx components in the offline mode, but if the user is online proxy will be skipped.

In your situation you may try to save the header for a particular user on the server-side and load the corresponded header for each user.

If you want to use cookie i would suggest this