Grid Columns alignment TOP

When columns from grid for scheduler are Valigned the top attribute is not working.

VAlign = GridViewColumn.VAligns.Top makes alignment to middle please check for this bug.

the bug is confirmed.
we’ll update trial package at and on NuGet within an hour.
Download packages for commercial and pro version will be updated a bit later, but also today.

When you say update package means do i have to just replace the dll or the entire folder with css and js

Cause last time i replaced the entire folder with css and js scheduler stopped working Terrace theme was having lot of problems and everything was messed.

So i just replaced the dll and reverted the css and js and everything was ok.

Note : CSS and JS with the package are untouched and not customized.

usually incremental updates goes without problems, update from NuGet shouldn’t break anything. Exceptions may be major updates that can have not backward-compatible changes

Replacing dll will be enough for this update

The latest version of dll solved the problem. But i would like to point this out that when


is included my code falls apart.

16 Errors: which i get are

and almost in most of the js in line: 5

But as soon as i replace this js with old one not exactly very old (July2013) everything gets working again.
Also, in builds am downloading the newest builds dont include


which were there in previous.

Please be sure that you are using dhtmlxscheduler.js from PRO version
Above error can occurs if you are using all code from the PRO but dhtmlxscheduler from Standard edition.

As for dhtmlxscheduler_terrace.css, starting from Scheduler.Net 3.0 - this skin is used by default ( dhtmlxscheduler.css now contain content of dhtmlxscheduler_terrace.css )