Grid combo column


I have a problem using the grid control with a combo (“co” excel type) column.

On this column, I have the following options: Africa (id - 1), Asia (id - 2), Europe (id - 3).

If I double click the column, then I select the entire text, and then I type “Af”, then cursor down and cursor up and then Enter, the grid will behave like I selected Africa option (id - 1). But, instead of this, there will be created a new option into the combo with the id set to “Africa”. I mention that this is happening only for the first option of the combo (index 0). I can select without any problem the second option or the third option of the grid. I just cannot select the first option. Also, I want to mention that this bug is tested on IE 7 and Firefox.

Thank you,

Cosmin Popescu

Please replace your dhtmlxgridcell.js file with file from attachment (7.85 KB)