Grid combo from sql server

I have a grid that is being populated with a render_table statement. Several of the columns require combo boxes with data from other sql server tables. The fields are type combo. The combo boxes are populating with data used in the grid instead of data from the other tables. I have used render_table and render_sql. Both give results from the grid. Please advise how to get the select boxes to use the correct table. The code is below. Thank you for your assistance.

Initial grid load - working properly:

first combo box:
$options = new OptionsConnector($conn,“SQLSrv”); //for general ledger drop down selection
$options->render_sql(“SELECT gl_number AS value, gl_number AS label FROM general_ledger ORDER BY gl_number”,“rec_num”,“gl_number(value), gl_number(label)”);

second combo box:
$optionsDFA = new OptionsConnector($conn,“SQLSrv”); //for DFA category drop down selection

SELECT DISTINCT ADPT_General_Ledger as value FROM billing_items
SELECT DISTINCT DFACategory as value FROM billing_items

a) move code of OptionsConnector BEFORE GridConnector initialization
b) add to the grid connector ( before render_table )

$grid->set_options(“DFACategory”,$optionsDFA ); … lumns.html

Thank you very much. It works great.