Grid combo from xml

I have a grid that is populated by a render_table statement. Two of the columns need identical combo boxes with 2 values: Active and Inactive. The combo box fields are currently type coro populated with combo.put. The active and inactive selections will be used in several places and will be easier to maintain with an xml file. What is the proper format for the xml file and how do I load the file into the grid? The xml file is shown below. Thank you for your assistance.

Active Inactive

the provided xml is for the “combo” column type.
For the co/coro you need to use the similar:
Combo column

Active Inactive

Here you can find a tutorial about the init of the co/coro column: … ction.html
Here - about the “combo” column:

Thank you very much for you assistance. I’m really sorry, but I still have something wrong. The grid column types look like this:

The first box loads properly with this:
fundStatusSel = costCenterGrid.getCombo(4);

The second box gives an uncaught exception error: ‘fundStatusSel.loadXML is not a function’
code looks like this:
fundStatusSel = costCenterGrid.getCombo(7);

xml file:


Unfortunately it is not available to load the options for the co/coro select box from the external xml.
The provided solution works for the xml that loads the header of your grid.
Refer to the grid initializing from the xml: … ionfromxml