Grid combo not working

I have a grid where one of the column types is ‘co’ and I’m trying to set that column to be a combo populated by a url returning XML but it doesn’t work. The URL is returning 9000 records.

var combo = grid.getCombo(cellInd);

combo.enableFilteringMode(true, url, true, true);

I click on the cell and I get the error “object doesn’t support this property or method”. What am I doing wrong?

If you use “combo” column type (not “co”), it is possible to the following method:

var combo = grid.getColumnCombo(columnIndex);

combo.enableFilteringMode(true, url, true, true);

Hi, Alex

I have checked, there is no “getColumnCombo” method in grid’s API reference(just getCombo,getCustomCombo), please confirm.


Thank you for your note. We’ll add getColumnCombo method to the grid’s API refenece as soon as possible.
You can find more information about usage this method here … cell_combo