Grid configuration autoheight property

I am using the autoheight: true property of the grid configuration object and it behaves as expected when the cell value length is longer than the column width.

However there is something wrong with the top and bottom padding inside the cell and also the height of the OTHER rows. Here is what i mean:

  1. Depending on how many lines the cell value is the top and bottom distance INCREASE and that makes the row’s height unnecessary big. However i couldn’t find any padding values inside the css file and got shocked when i saw some magical number inside the style property like height: 107px.

So for example if the row height value is 40px for a single line text and for example the text height is 20px, that means the remaining top and bottom is 10px each.

but if the cell value is two lines the remaining top and bottom distance is more than 10px.
again… if the cell value is three lines the reaming top and bottom distance is EVEN MORE.

  1. If my grid has N rows and if ONLY one row has a cell value which is more than a line long then EVERY OTHER row also gets bigger height which is a NO-NO.


Could you please, provide a complete demo, where the problem can be checked, as locally the scenario seem to work well for me: