Grid conflictions

Using the PRO version, I tried the XML grid config as:


The test.php is called and the receiving string is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>MainSpecial</option


but I get the following error: Incorrect XML!

This is the first problem.

There is another confliction which is related:

In order “combo” type is recognizable, codebase/excells/dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js must be included, but during the program is running, if another Grid (normaly created by js code) is loaded with: mygrid.parse(myarray,“jsarray”), array is loaded correctly into the mygrid and at the end an error breaks the program: Incorrect XML!

I don’t understand the reason XML is called!

From the Firebug I copied the following:

docObj is undefined

doXPath()("//column", undefined, undefined, undefined)dhtmlxcommon.js (line 71)

fillColumnCombos()(Object entBox=div#dhxGridObj_MatUijQNGYB2.gridbox, undefined)dhtmlxgr…_combo.js (line 16)

edit()()dhtmlxgr…_combo.js (line 9)

z()()dhtmlxgrid.js (line 4611)

callEvent()()dhtmlxgrid.js (line 4591)

parse()(undefined, null, “jsarray”)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 5212)

startLoadingOrders()playthread.php (line 1517)

readBack() // --------this is mine called after AJAX call returns and executes the parse -------

The mygrid has no events attached and no Combos. If I remove the include file dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js, mygrid is working fine.

Can you get any conclusions from all that (JAZZ)?



>> but I get the following error: Incorrect XML!

The provided xml is really incorrect. The correct is similar to the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


We sent the sample by email.

If the problem still persists, please provide the sample where it can be reproduced at

Greate!!! working!

Thank you