Grid Context Menu place in DOM-Structure


I use the dhtmlxGrid v1.6 professional and use the context-menu functionality.

I have found out that the context-menu-table is placed somewhere in the DOM-Structure. In my example it is right bevore the closing body-tag.

Is there any possiblity to place the context-menu-table at a defined place in the DOME?

For example I define a div with the ID “contextMenu” and then I can place the context-menu-table in this div?

My problem is, that in my project all content is provided via AJAX. The content is replaced in a div with the ID “content”. So the context-menu is placed outside this div and will never be deleted or replaced. So when I call 20 pages with the context-menu I have 20 context-menu-tables in my HTML-Code. This will cause the browser go slowly.

Can you provide any solution?

Thank you very much.


Menu supports clearAll method, which nullifies used objects, so it partially solve memory leak problem.

Fpr context menu:

cMenu = new…

… usage …