grid copy to clipboard

In your code there ate next method calls

But there are not such methods in grid, the correct names are

all other seems correct.

I have changed the code to

function onKeyPressed(code,ctrl,shift)

    return true;

Now i am able to copy only single cell not a row complete , can you plz guide me how to achieve this

copyBlockToClipboard operation was designed to copy data from selected area, not the whole row ( if block selection covers whole row - whole row will be copied to clipboard )

The grid supports rowToClipboard methods which will copy whole row to clipboard, but you need to specify ID of row which need to be copied ( so it can’t be used with block selection )

Thank you very much its working fine. Now imagine the following scenario. You have a company grid with contacts below. Something like this:
   Contact A   Address1   City
   Contact B   Address1   City
   Contact C   Address1   City
Now let's also suppose that the Contact name is a link to another page. If we use the standard DHTMLX functionality to copy the rows to the clipboard we get all of the content including the tag for the link. I would like to strip the content that goes to the clipboard so that the Company rows do not go to the clipboard. Further, I'd like to strip the Contact name of the link related data so that only the raw text of the Contact name goes into the clipboard.
So, while the above example is 5 rows with link data, the clipboard would only have 3 rows with no link data.

The only way, to achieve desired behavior - manual serialization

var data = [];
for (var i=0; i<mygrid.getRowsNum(); i++)
if (mygrid.getLevel(mygrid.getRowId(i))