[Grid] Ctrl+Click multiselect in Mac OSX

Hey all! :slight_smile:

Currently, it’s for Mac OSX users not possible to use the ctrl+click multiselect functionality of DHTMLX Grid. This is because ctrl+click is the equivalent is a right-mouse click in Mac OSX and can’t be overidden (thankfully) by javascript.
Since the onclick event object only contains information whether the alt or ctrl button was pressed along with the click, the only other alternative is to use the alt key to do multiselect rows one at a time.

What would be the best approach to handle this? Is there an flag in DHTMLX Grid I can change? Should I write my own event handler and let it programatically select rows?

Any suggestions will be most appreciated. :slight_smile:

On the Mac, the command key is the equivalent for non-contiguous multi-select, and shift clicking works for selecting contiguous areas.


Hey Greg,

It seems that I was working with an old version of DHTMLX Grid, where this feature was not yet implemented. Although I created a workaround by replacing every occurence of “ctrlKey” in the *.js file with “altKey” using PHP when a Macintosh user viewed the website, using a clientside solution is much (much!) better.

Thanks for your fast heads-up.



i want to select multiple rows by using ctrl+click…
please give me some idea…

It will not work for mac without code modification.
Ctrl-click used for context menu by default.