Grid data not updating with dataprocessor while using dynam


I am using data processor for updating my grid data. I have also using dynamic rendaring. My problem is that if I update the grid data of a particular column, I shows in the grid properly and data also updated in db. But if I give a filtering on that column to find out the updated data, it still shows the old data.

In my case one xml file is created on the fly with data from db and the grid gets populated. Problem is that probably this xml file is not updated while updating the column value. So its still loading the grid with the old data.

Pls suggest me how to come out of this situation so that I will be able to show correct data in filtering view also.

Advance thanks for help.

I’m not pretty sure which mode you are using.
If problem occurs with client-side filtering in paging|smart_rendering mode - please try to use attached js file instead of original one - it must resolve issue.
If problem occurs with server side filtering - please be sure that you reloading data from correct source, grid just show data loaded from server (4.13 KB)