Grid Data Rendering Issue - Dhtmlx 7.3.2



After adding data to the grid, when we tried to come back to the first position after scrolling down, data that is set to input type is changed back to the old value. The value should not be changed back to the default/old value.

Code Snippet:

  1. Change User Input value ‘test’ to ‘test123’.
  2. Scroll down to the last position
  3. Scroll up and come back to the first position value changed back to ‘test’.

Value should be ‘test123’ but it changed back to the default value. Please provide the solution.


the changed state of a html-content placed in the cell are not saving in the grid data at all, so after the moving the record out of the view its content will be reset according to the data.

In your case using the column template will be a better solution instead of the inner HTML placed to the cell:

but you need to update the cell value according to the entered data, while in case of using the lazy loading mode it is not available to moify, sort or filter the data before the complete dataset loading: