Grid+Datastore, how to detect updates ?

Iam sorry for that maybe stupid Question.
I have an Grid and an Datastore to manage my Dataset Data behind that Store.
var aDS = new dhtmlXDataStore({ datatype:“json” });
aDS.attachEvent(“onStoreUpdated”, function(id, data, mode){
console.log(‘updated Record’);

Grid is synced with that Store with .sync method.
When i change Data in Grid and call sync() it seems that the grid has send the updated data already to the Datastore.
But the Event onStoreUpdated was never called. Is there another Event ?

I want to manage my Data changes manually since i cant setup an separate PHP or whatever Server and want to use an existing WebDAV Server. Getting the Data works nice. I can populate the Datastore with .parse or addrow
But updates from Datastore is an unsolved Problem for me.

Or is there another nice Solution for that ?

You can add to the grid code like next

grid.attachEvent("onEditCell", function(stage, id){ if (stage == 2); //push updates back to the datastore });

I hoped that thers an way to not change every Data sensitive Component at its own. Thats why i wanted to use Datastore.
Is there an way to load and update Data with Dataprocessor automatically ?
And if so, can i use Dataprocessor without Server-side Parts ?

And even if i call .save(), onStoreUpdated is never called.; must push changes back to datastore, trigger onStoreUpdate and data saving if any was defined.

And if so, can i use Dataprocessor without Server-side Parts ?
Yes, init dataprocessor in a common way, and later use

this.setTransactionMode("POST",false); dp.attachEvent("onBeforeDataSending", function(id, mode, data){ //here you can place your own data saving logic return false; })

Thanks, with Dataprocessor it seems wo work (I get the messages with changes fine).

Can Dataprocessor hold data thats not Visible in Components ?
I dont see any methods to access the data directly.

DataProcessor expects that record with provided ID does exist in the master component. Such record may be not visible, for example a hidden row in the grid, but it must present.