grid.deleteColumn(cind) throws exception _cellType not defin


IE6: crash in “deleteColumn(cind)”: exception in line 870 of dhtmlxgrid.js: “_cellType is null or not an object”

cells5:function(cell, type){var type = type||(cell._cellType…

Nevertheless: the column disappears from the Grid, but exception is strange and worries me.

The column was previously inserted dynamically after ajax call:


* Insert a new column with the id given.

* @param id column id.

* @param colElementXML XML element with label,type,width,format.

* @param newColIndex insert the new column after this index.


function insertColumn(id, colElementXML, newColIndex)


var label = colElementXML.firstChild.nodeValue;

var type = colElementXML.getAttribute(“type”);

var width = colElementXML.getAttribute(“width”);

var mask = colElementXML.getAttribute(“format”);

alert(id + “,” + label + “,” + type + “,” + width);

bomGrid.insertColumn(newColIndex, label, type, width);

if (mask && mask.length > 0)


bomGrid.setNumberFormat(mask, newColIndex,"",".");


bomGrid.setColumnId(newColIndex, id);


Do you have any idea what could be the root cause for the exception. The column has no colspan, it is a normal column of type “edn” or “ron” (type is set in insertColumn).

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please check that you use the correct column index in the deleteColumn method.

If the problem isn’t solved, please provide the sample to recreate it

Column index is correct, the error occurs if deleting a column which was inserted in a loaded Grid with:

bomGrid.insertColumn(newColIndex, label, type, width);

bomGrid.setNumberFormat(mask, newColIndex,".",",");

bomGrid.setColumnId(newColIndex, id);

Later after user request:

var colNum = bomGrid.getColumnsNum();
for (var ccin = 0; ccin < colNum; ccin++) {
   var colId = bomGrid.getColumnId(ccin);
   if (colId && (colId.indexOf(“YieldSize_”) != -1)) {
       bomGrid.deleteColumn(ccin); // exception occurs

The provided code look correct. We need the complete sample to reproduce the issue (it can be sent to