grid.deleteRow(id) only strikethrough?


i’m currently deleting a row ok, and calls the server.

my question is, how can i make a row removed from the grid, and not just struckout, after calling sourceDataGrid.deleteRow(id)?

is there something/attribute/property in the UserData i’m missing?

note: i’m calling setRowHidden(id, true) for now to hide the deleted row, but this is not ideal.


Grid deletes row only after it received confirmation from server side if row row was deleted successfully.

hi olga,

yes, in fact i have this set up:

request.setAttribute(“action”, “success”);
request.setAttribute(“sid”, rowId);
request.setAttribute(“tid”, rowId);

but still only strikethrough.


thank you.

If row was successfully deleted on the server side DataProcessor object expects following xml:

<data><action type='delete' sid='DELETED_ROW_ID=' tid='DELETED_ROW_ID'/></data>

where sid - id of the row which is strikethroug

thanks for the quick reply olga,

yes, i have that setup correctly. but still only strikethrough.


probably something else i’m missing.


hi olga,

i’m able to remove the row now…my xml island wasn’t name correctly with the action.


now i’m getting this error:

“Error: ‘_childIndexes’ is null or not an object”


i’m able to remove the row now
“Error: ‘_childIndexes’ is null or not an object”

Does this issue occurs after row is deleted? Can you provide snipped of your grid initialization?

hi olga,

yes, this issue occurs after delete.

i do however, turn off updateMode:



gridProcessor.setUpdated(rowId, false);

before adding the rows, and turn it back to:



did that to prevent the BOLDing of text on load.