Grid does not Update data

I’m trying to update data from a grid, but data does not update on database.

the grid and dataprocessor code is the following:

gRelatorio = xRelatorio.cells(“a”).attachGrid();
gRelatorio.setHeader(“Relatorio, A”);
gRelatorio.attachEvent(“onXLS”, function() { xRelatorio.cells(“a”).progressOn(); });
gRelatorio.attachEvent(“onXLE”, function() { xRelatorio.cells(“a”).progressOff(); });
dp = new dataProcessor(“/grade/relatorio.php”);

the relatorio.php code is the following:

$conn = new PDO(‘mysql:host=’ .
$conf->resources->db->params->host . ‘;dbname=’ .
$conf->resources->db->params->dbname . ‘;port=’ .
$grid = new GridConnector($conn, “PDO”);
$grid->render_table(“nivel_relatorio”, “id”, “id_relatorio,acesso”);

the grid loads correctly, all data is displayed. But when I edit the checkbox no changes to database are made. I have debbuged dataprocessor enabled, and logs enabled.

the log output of load and update is the following:

Log started, 29/05/2011 12:05:20

SELECT id,id_relatorio,acesso FROM nivel_relatorio LIMIT 0,100
SELECT COUNT(*) as DHX_COUNT FROM nivel_relatorio
Done in 0.00281000137329s

Log started, 29/05/2011 12:05:25

DataProcessor object initialized
ids => 11
Row data [11]
Edit operation finished
Done in 0.00236296653748s

See above that no row data was sended. This is stranger to me.

the following is the debug window of dataprocessor debugger:

row 10 marked [updated,valid]
Initiating data sending for 10
Initiating data sending for all rows
Sending all data at once
Server url: /grade/relatorio.php?editing=true parameters
Server response received details
<?xml version='1.0' ?>

See above that no update was done, because xml response points to no row updated.

There are some part that I doing wrong? Please tell me if I’m forget something.


Comment the next line


It can be used for custom server side handlers, but will break default dataprocessor’s logic.

I don’t understand what enableDataNames has to do with this? We are having a similar issue… have a customer DataProcessor and we’re not getting updates for checkboxes. All other field types are working OK.

In above context enableDataNames was not necessary, as it switch dataprocessor to the non-standard saving mode.

If you have similar problem - check that you are not switching dataprocessor to any custom mode. Also be sure that you are using grid and dataprocessor from the same build ( mixing different editions of grid and dataprocessor may lead to the problems. )